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Location : Bangalore  |  Status : Completed

The design process for this lake facing apartment originated with the intent to create an 'inside-out' atmosphere that enables a seamless transition from the balconies facing an expansive lake surrounded by lush greenery. This is reflected in the earthy, natural materials used through out the house. The wire cut brick wall cladding is a standout feature complimented by natural concrete finish and teak wood tones that blend together seamlessly to create a warm, homely atmosphere that is close to nature. Large vertical mirrors have been used to emphasize the illusion of  space and reflect the brick wall, adding to the warmth of the common areas. The bedrooms have been designed to maximize the utilization of space and provide adequate storage . The neutral fabrics and lacquer finishes balance the warmer finishes in the rest of the house to culminate in a harmonious balance of materials.

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