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Location : Bangalore  |  Status : Completed

Located in a high rise building in a bustling part of Bangalore, well known for its many IT firms, this office was designed for a US based technology firm that wanted to add another branch in the city. Our challenge was to combat the low ceilings and numerous columns that peppered the floor and accommodate 90 workstations in an open floor design. We used this opportunity to create an industrial feel with an exposed ceiling and a play of metal and glass throughout the space. The color palette and repetitive geometric patterns were derived from the company's logo. The colorful lacquered glass dividers and exposed wiring in the ceiling provide a sharp contrast to the muted grey floor and ceiling, brightening up the space and creating an energetic atmosphere. Not to be missed is the fun graffiti in the cafeteria that has been designed to provide relief from the linear nature of the rest of the space.

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