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Location : Bangalore  |  Status : Completed

This multistorey villa was a two-year undertaking that included architectural design and construction from the ground up, interior design and furniture design. The brief was to build a spacious, bright and cozy home for a three - generation family.
To achieve this, we incorporated an open free flowing plan, large full length windows, skylights and natural textured finishes to bring it to life. The wood and fabrics for the furniture were carefully sourced to add a touch of  colour and texture to brighten up the space. The customized solid wood furniture is the epitome of modern day luxury.  Combined with textured concrete walls, stone finish flooring, rich polished marble and bright patterned tiles, this home resonates warmth and comfort in every element used. An array of indoor plants have been used to compliment the earthy tones and tie it all up together in one of our most loved projects to date.

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